Who is my patron god or goddess quiz

Looking for your Spiritual Parents? Want to find your patron god or matron goddess to work with? In this how to find your deities article, we will show you gods and goddess that match your vibration.

Numerology is the ancient science that we will use to reveal this. It's actually quite simple. Most deities have a specific association to planets, numbers, colors, days of the week etc. Each item mentioned has a numeric vibration. Know the vibration of a person, place, or thing and you can match it across the board. This article will reveal a couple deities that resonate to your life path number using the system outlined in the book.

This is NOT the entire list. Here's an example to help you. To get the life path number, you simply add up the single digits and reduce down to a single digit. The deities associated with your life path number can help you with the normal ups-and-down in life. They can assist you with clearing obstacles and strengthening your true godself. Call it your higher self, spiritual parent, matron goddess, patron god or my favorite, spiritual dream team!

Tip : If a deity doesn't resonate with you, try finding one under you Gift Number. The gift number is the day of the month you were born on Sign Up. Buy on Amazon! Tagged on: content.Wicca Forum. Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Wicca site. Past Issues. Ro Longstreet. Finding your patron god or goddess can be a mysterious and deeply personal process. Therefore, you may want to live your life in the tradition of a specific god or gods, perhaps ones that your ancestors worshipped, or maybe ones to which you have always been drawn.

You want to feel a psychic connection between you and your patron gods, and you would like to place their images upon your altar. But how do you find out which gods are willing to be your patron deities?

Which God Or Goddess From Ancient Greek Mythology Are You?

Some pagans and Wiccans receive a clear-cut summons by their gods. Suddenly, they sense the overwhelming presence of the distinct personality of a specific god or goddess. They are visited by the gods in dreams. They go into trances and doodle the names and faces of their patron gods on scraps of paper. They have no problems figuring out which deities are demanding their attention. For the rest of us, it can be much more subtle and ambiguous. We might open our hearts and minds and wait for guidance, and not receive any obvious feedback for a long time.

We should try to go deeper. Find books of folklore and mythology at the library, and become acquainted with the stories of the gods. Keep a dream journal and look for symbolism and moods that correspond with certain cultures and gods. Meditate to quiet the mind and remain receptive to any messages a god might whisper — whether in words, music, images, or even moods and colors.

One thing not to do is to fixate so hard on the god or goddess whom you hope will choose you that you shut out all possibility of hearing a different deity.

In doing so, he might miss the more subtle call of, say, Tyr, the god of wisdom and law, and his true patron. To avoid this situation, feel free to research the gods and goddesses who interest you, but do so with emotional detachment. Read up on the gods whom your ancestors worshipped. Investigate the gods who share important attributes with you.

For example, if you are a musician, you might feel an affinity for Greek god Apollo. If you are a woman and a healer, you might look to Celtic goddess Brigid.

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Reach out to gods and goddesses with whom you share similar personality traits much as you would seek out friends in everyday life. For example, you might find a death-entity such as Egyptian god Anubis to be fascinating, but at heart you would have more in common with a maternal figure such as Isis.

Do all these things, but cultivate detachment so that you remain receptive to any message, however quiet, from any deity, however unexpected. As you continue in your studies, meditation, and contemplation of which god or goddess feels intrinsically right for you, include his image on your altar. Customize your rituals and sabbats to reflect her cultural traits.

Proceed as if you and he have already chosen each other. Eventually, you may receive a dramatic, psychic acknowledgement from your god of interest or possibly another god or goddess who has been waiting in the background. Or you may find yourself looking back one day and recognizing the subtle signs that one deity has always been with you through all your years of reading, seeking, thinking, and dreaming as is the case with me and Wotan, aka Odin AllFather.

Either way, you have the answer that you are looking for.But I clearly remember the struggles I found when I was first starting down on my own path. The books I managed to get a hold of taught a lot of things, but left so much up to me that I found myself floundering for certain basic decisions that these authors had made long before they started publishing their grimoires and Books of Shadows. I wanted to know what they meant by picking a craft name, or choosing between different paths in Wicca, and what they meant by patron gods and goddesses.

I almost turned away from the Path because I felt overwhelmed but what I had to do with no clue on how to do it. Thankfully I had a friend in High School who came from a family who practiced. It never hurts. A patron is defined as someone who lends support usually financially to a person or organization. A patron deity is similar. These are the gods and goddesses that lend you their strength or guidance or inspiration when you need it.

The god and goddess created the universe, the world, and all the things that inhabit it. Through them all things were created.

Who is your greek patron god?

The placed a part of themselves in each creature and natural thing that exists. That includes people, people who felt the presence of the God and the Goddess and struggled to give them forms, names, and stories to describe them. Now some people think this knowledge gave the god and goddess different forms. Some people think that the gods and goddess are children of the Lord and Lady.

The first thing you ought to do is research. You have to go out and read about different pantheons, different deities, holidays, temples, myths, legends, and more.

who is my patron god or goddess quiz

You have to read about it all. Check out books, check out the internet, talk to fellow pagans. Each one will give you perspective on the forms of the God and Goddess out there, and how they can be worshiped. If nothing else it can confirm what you feel you know in your heart. And it can tighten your relationship with the God and Goddess but further understanding all the ways that they have been worshiped. Possibly an intense amount. Now that you have this astonishing amount of information what do you do with it?!

Short answer? You understand it. You go over it and figure it all out. What does they really mean to you? Why did the set the ones aside that you did? Now you get to sit around and let your mind do all the work.

who is my patron god or goddess quiz

You meditate on them. You sit down and call to each of them, starting with the ones you feel matter to you first. The Call is different for every single practitioner out there, you go on a meditative search for them…and someone answers it.

who is my patron god or goddess quiz

Just trust me that when It happens you are going to know. Possibly not the best word for what happens next, but start building a relationship with your patron. If it turns out Dionysus is your God then buy some wine, go to a party, see a play.Take this quiz to find out which Goddess archetype is working through you right now. You spend a lot of time out doors, may have been 'horse crazy' and often your family complained they didn't know where you were.

Are recognised by your attractiveness rather than your appearance alone, people find you engaging and charming. Feel you have come a long way in your life and now are inner-guided and are no longer worried about what other people think of you. An equal who doesn't dominate you or insist on being the centre of your life and is willing to take a back seat. You don't really think about partners in this way any more - you are completely self-guided and their surface qualities don't matter much to you.

You can't say no if someone needs attention or help and will do whatever it takes even at cost to yourself. You live in the 'here-and-now' and can sometimes make plans that you don't keep because something else comes up. You have a history of suspecting your partner of infidelity and have sometimes been proven right.

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You sometimes feel cut off from deep feelings and are rarely moved by art or music that expresses intense feelings. You have a strong intuition which other people sometimes feel is uncanny and they can shun you for.

You have a few very close women friends and you don't engage in gossip, intellectual or political discussions. Can let them be themselves as you don't have any great ambitions for them and they don't break away or rebel. Feel you must provide and be a selfless and bountiful mother and you feel guilty when you can't provide.

Get into the spirit of play and make-believe with them easily but can be easily distracted away from them if something else becomes important. Ensure that your partner is included in everything you plan to do with your children so they don't feel left out. Teach them independence and are ferocious in their defence or are very comfortable with not having children.

Confront them and argue logically with little emotion, demanding an explanation which you go through point by point. You can't imagine a situation where you'd feel your partner has let you down - you wouldn't interpret any behaviour in this way. It was the most important day of your life and you love every moment of being married even when your spouse does not live up to your expectations.

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It's a mutually advantageous partnership which can sometimes almost be like a 'business' arrangement and I don't get jealous. You are running out of 'unchartered wilderness' to explore and are feeling an urge towards introversion and turning to 'psychic' realms.

Maintaining a good marriage or dealing with a break-up causing feelings of abandonment and jealousy. You firmly believe in partnership - getting what you want has generally been done in partnership with another person to whom you are very committed. You tend to not have strong views on what you want and will follow along with what other people are doing and enjoy that.

You know you have a tendency to get your own way and others remark on your charm and charisma in getting what you want. Men who you feel are really little boys at hears or who turn out to be immature or self-absorbed. You're not ambitious and don't strive, you don't value power or strategies to get ahead, you prefer the quiet life.

You have tended to have a series of jobs rather than a career - you like being given specific assignments that must be done straight away. You make no distinction between work and play and feel internally guided to make the right decisions. Forgot your password? Speak now. Find Your Inner Goddess. Please take the quiz to rate it.Hello everyone, I just want to share with you guys some tips and my experience finding deities.

If you are not Wiccan but still want to work with deities this might help you too. Maybe you liked the Greek mythology since you were a kid so you may start searching in that pantheon. Or since you started your path maybe the Norse pantheon has been popping out in your life like seeing a movie or reading books about it without noticing.

Nothing out of the normal was happening, I asked to dream with the right deity but nothing really happened and here is where people have doubts because others share their spiritual experience with deities and you might find yourself disappointed Make a connection with it, offer things or just talk to it. The first thing I knew is that I wanted to work with a female deity, as a Wiccan I know there is the divine male in nature but I always felt connected to the feminine so that's why I wanted to work with a goddess.

Finding a phanteon was really difficult to me, because at first I thought it was kind of weird to worship deities from different mythologies and I thought I have to work with Mexican deities but I started to be interested on the Celtic phanteon. I just wanted to work with any deity if it was from the Celtic phanteon but I wasn't feeling anything not even a connection.

Then I tried lots of meditations and tried to dream and do research but nothing happens so I was frustrated Then the first hint appears So I started searching in Greek mythology and I thought Nyx was calling to me because at night I felt more creative and alive so I made her a drawing but nothing happens, I also tried with Artemis that was the one who introduced me to the Greek phanteon I was so exited for that vision but only confused me more because I saw a goddess but it wasn't a night or moon goddess.

Anything I was looking for in fact it was the opposite. I saw a white light shinning so bright till it appeared a woman, she was shinning red, yellow and orange. She had a tiara with a sun in it and she was so beautiful glowing goddess and she was in the sky with pink clouds in her back and a beautiful orange dress, and she just opened her arms to me. I haven't figured it out who she was but I'm thinking she might be Hemera goddess of day or Eos goddess of the dawn if you guys have any idea of who she might be let me know in the comments :.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I find this question really important to find the deity who might want to work with you.

After that the Greek mythology just keep popping out to me, at school, at the cinema and books. I haven't figured it out who she was but I'm thinking she might be Hemera goddess of day or Eos goddess of the dawn if you guys have any idea of who she might be let me know in the comments : Pic from google.

Deity Work. Likes Comments Like Kathryn Williams. Any one have any recommendations for some good websites for reasearch? I know someone is trying to reach out to me but I don't know any of the signs. Join the community. Get App. More from Maxi. Rainbow 1 day ago.

Anna Murry 6 hours ago. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.Are you interested to know about your Greek god? This quiz will analyze your answers and tell you what Greek god resembles you the most in personality and demeanor. Forgot your password? Speak now. Please take the quiz to rate it.

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What Pantheon Do You Belong To?

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Simply refuse to give him my money, let him shoot me if he really dares.

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You have three friends, one is dating the second, but you find out she is cheating on him with the third. Talk to the two of them, encourage them to stop, and offer not to tell if they do.

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You are in love with three people, each is special in their own way. The second is very beautiful, but simple and empty headed. The third is wild and exciting, always introducing you to new things. Which do you choose? All at once, I shouldn't have to choose, and I don't have the time to juggle them all. Social situations, selling things, talking to people, explaining concepts. Back to top. Sign In with your ProProfs account.

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Scroll To Start Quiz. Land spirits. A mercenary. By a sick prank. I'd choose to ascend. In battle. Being a self-serving god. Being a benevolent god. Being in my own world. Being a fearsome god. Watching TV. I don't have a favorite. Bright, sunny skies. Mild winds. Thunder storms. Well, I don't actually work. Yes, I do. Not really. Not at all, but I have to.

I don't have one! Very close. I have a ways to go. I'm just getting started. International affairs. Criminal justice.

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At least six times a year. Two or three times a year. Once a year. I don't vacation.

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