Impact of globalization pdf

impact of globalization pdf

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20 Positive And Negative Effects of Globalization

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Different people define culture variedly. In most cases, a definition of culture depicts the orientation of people that match that explanation. Culture encompasses traditions, norms, and ethics that give meaning to the social identity of an individual or a group of people and can be passed from generation to generation. On the other hand, globalization is increasing interaction between the economy of a country and that of the First World.

This report talks about the effects of globalization on culture. It talks about the impact of social and economical global integration in the world. Globalization is also the creation of global markets in which all nations are forced to participate. It denotes economy interconnection and interdependence of sovereign nations through a global market place. Globalization has significance impact on culture.

The effects of globalization on culture therefore transcend race, and demographic boundaries. From Europe to America through Africa, globalization continues to give people new meaning to their cultural identity. With raging intensity of globalization, and the advent of the information age, the world is redefining communication. Today, smart gadgets like Smartphones, tablets, and laptops with efficient applications have changed how people share views and assert their cultural identity.

For example, social media is setting trends as people turn to the online world to seek and endorse their norms and cultural practices. In the modern world, corporate culture appears to be taking over the world through trade agreements and liberalization of communication licenses. Through globalization, the world can be plugged into the same port for TV, movie channels, news, and lifestyle entertainment.

Consequently, the world is shaping into a global culture. Satellite, cables, mobile phones and storage devices for audio and audio are largely contributing to the mass marketing of global culture.To browse Academia.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The concern involves the clash of cultures and the spread of materialistic values.

impact of globalization pdf

The internet allows any person to access and wonder into the Hollywood library and no one is there to stop, control or direct you. This has enormous influence on hoe people think, act or behave. The values that this entertainment industries reflects often promote materialism, violence and immorality.

Hence, this paper examines the concept of globalization and culture as well as the various aspects of Nigerian culture. It also examines the impact of globalization on culture. Effort is made on the ways Nigerian culture can be protected from extinction as a result of forces of globalization, which is currently exerting influence among Nigerian youths. The fax machine, satellite and cable T.

V have swept away the national cultural boundaries. Duru-Ford,opines that global entertainment companies shape understanding and dreams of ordinaries citizens wherever they live. For instance, globalization has increasingly knitted together the world created unity out of great diversity. There are known and consumed all over the world. In addition, they are powerful companies that drive globalization forward, creating new laws, new business process, new ways to eat and drink, new hopes and dreams.

Fridahobserves that there are optimists and pessimists, who have contradicting views.

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She states that optimists look forward to global village linked altogether by internet, and benefiting from over-increasing material well being. On the other hand are pessimists see a frightful corporate tyranny destroying the environment and culture, and sweeping away all that is healthy and meaningful for human existence. Probably this is why Willienpredicts deterritorialization which he describes or calls the end of geography and the end of sovereignty. This paper therefore examine the concept of globalization and culture as well as the impact of globalization on the culture.

Globalization has become one of the most popular buzzword of our time frequently used by people. Globalization is the increasing interaction of national economy with that of the First World, which ultimately aims at creating a state of frictionless capitalism. According to Orunmoluyi it is a process of creating a global market in which increasingly all nations are forced to participate. The process of globalisation entails that there is interconnection of sovereign nations through trade and capital flows; harmonization of economy rules that govern relationship among these sovereign nation; creating structures to support and facilitate interdependent and creating a global market place.

From the culture point of view, Davidstate that globalization is the process of harminizing different culture and beliefs. The harmonization, according to Awakehis achieved to due to advancement in communication and countries are increasingly being forced to participate.

Therefore, globalization can be viewed as a process of shifting autonomous economies into a global market. In other words, it is the systematic integration of autonomous economies into a global system of production and distribution.

The consequent is that the word of separate nation-states is said to be ending if the process of globalization is allows to run its logical course.

impact of globalization pdf

The new technology, based on the computer and satellite communication have indeed revolutionized our traditional conception of the media, both print and electronic. Books, newspapers, radio, television and video programme are now being transpose into the multimedia world of the cyber space and available to all people of the world wherever they may live.

The different definitions attach to culture is based on the differences in the orientation of the people.This report deals with the positive and negative effects of globalization. Researchers distinguish several dimensions of globalization, chiefly among them they emphasize on political, social, and economic models. The modern political approach pertains to the coordination and cooperation between different governments.

National partnerships were primarily created to overcome such global problems as wars, diseases, hunger, and environmental pollution. The social approach deals with human interaction as social media and the Internet allow people to communicate without barriers. For instance, everybody knows about the American dream, Russian ballet, or Chinese professional chess players since information spreads very fast.

An economic dimension pertains to commercial corporations. They have headquarters worldwide which allow them to influence particular domestic policy. This report provides an extensive approach to world integration revealing both the pros and cons of its worldwide influence. It explains how our world became a global village where everyone who has access to the Internet can purchase products and services. People can also be employed and work remotely without the hustle of traveling and settling in a foreign state.

What is more, this article highlights both negative and positive globalization effects which take place in developed countries as well as those which are just developing. Student exchanges are of great value for both of these groups. It is possible to study online and achieve a degree without having to relocate to a foreign state. This paper also gives an opinion on disadvantages, for instance, employment shifts or wage gaps. Job hunting became a multinational trend.

The most affected employees are those from developed countries as employers can hire immigrants who have smaller salaries. Several thousand local companies go bankrupt each year as a result of price fluctuations. States which have access to cheap raw materials and labor sell their products at a low cost via online platforms.

This results in bringing down various companies which are pressured to decrease prices and obtain minimum profits. Our fundamental issue is how to utilize the advantages of worldwide integration and minimize its disadvantages. For instance, in some developed countries, a couple have several part-time jobs almost around the clock to pay for their mortgage, car loan, and afford basic needs.

Globalization describes how different world cultures, populations, and economies are interdependent from each other. It is a consequence of cross-border business. Technology, goods, investments, information, and services along with the labor market are the most popular components of such activity.

impact of globalization pdf

Nations have established worldwide integration over many centuries by enabling economic, political, and social partnerships.Globalization can simply be the process of going to a more interconnected World, a process of exchange and integration among people, companies and governments of different nations.

In this article, we will study the positive and negative effects of globalization. It is always used in the concept to denote trade, foreign companies and even economic crisis. Globalization is the free mobilization of products, services and people across the world in a coordinated and seamless manner.

This can be as a result of investment and international trade which is also aided by information communication technology. Technology is the major drive to globalization, with the advancing technology, globalization is increasing rapidly. Globalization can have an effect on culture, on the political system, on human well-being, on economic development and the environment in societies around the world. Whether these effects are negative or positive, is determined by individuals and societies.

As there is no single civilization with all good cultural practices, one of the major positive effects of globalization is that it has helped to bring together various good cultures making the world a better place.

Also, the welcoming of others from different cultural backgrounds has helped to create new cultures, therefore, aiding in societal growth. Globalization makes countries of the world adopt the cultures which are beneficial in the long run. The global mass media, in other words, the internet allows for the free flow of communication, therefore, tying the world together.

The internet allows vital information to be easily shared between individuals, societies and companies from any part of the world. Also, globalization helps in the increase of speed in the transportation of people and goods.

Globalization brings about the fight for equality and justice. It increases awareness about what is happening in other regions, making people accept that others are human like them no matter the race, colour, language and cultural differences. Information from the global mass media helps create consciousness about all that is happening in other societies. This indeed is one of the positive effects of globalization since it increases the awareness of Human Rights in nations of the world.

The global mass media coverages the violation of Human Rights and it receives attention around the world. Globalization makes it easier for world leaders to address inequalities since it promotes information and openness. This also results in democracy and prosperity. Globalization decreases the tension between societies that differ greatly.

The rivalry between societies in the past has now turned into friendship due to this. It makes individuals and societies overlook unnecessary disagreements which can bring about conflicts and makes them come together to form relationships in which they gain mutually.

Globalization helps people from different parts of the world to understand themselves better without there being a language barrier. It makes it easier for a person from Italy to understand, communicate and even conduct business or form relationships with a person from the Czech Republic. They can both communicate with the international language of English. Another major positive effect of globalization is its creation of a larger market.

E-commerce, one of the results of technology is a byproduct of globalization. The internet and social media networks make the world connected. Globalization helps businesses and companies to thrive, helps new businesses to grow and create new job opportunities.Next, the economic depression in Latin America — with Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico meant Global Corporations pulling out operations, by either disposing assets, restructuring businesses, at the risk of losing billions of dollars in currency exchange volatility affecting survival and future sustainability.

As economics and theory of globalization, often leads to making available goods at competitive prices, when traded across borders, it translates to industry and global corporations moving from richer and developed nations, where labor is expensive to developing nations in search of talent, tax rebates, leveraging technology, which has led to increased FDI inflows, enhancing standard of living, leaving the contra-effect is people in richer nations to either accept lower wages, compete, while the unemployed need to equip themselves through training to aspire for high skilled jobs.

Economists and Politicians continue to remain cautious that despite the political consequences of anti-free trade policies, which is being dished as electoral agenda in nations after nations or a promise to restrict with higher tariffs and taxes on global corporations, the merits of globalization weighs higher and cannot ever be stopped, but there have been financial repercussion with the capital markets reacting sharply driving currency and commodity valuations below par as the older re-assurance no longer seems true.

The term globalization has been used to describe different countries join for economic political and educational equality. The countries joining together thinks about themselves as part of the world rather than as a separate country.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization. Positive Impacts of Globalization 1. Adopting to Globalization increase free trading opportunities between countries. This allows business organizations in developed countries to invest in developing countries. As the communication between the countries becomes open sharing of information became easier due to globalization. This has also contributed to the increase in speed of transportation of products.

Countries joining together through globalization will remove the cultural barriers and make the world a global village. Globalization makes the countries adopt the factors that are beneficial in the long run. If the rules and regulations regarding the protection of the environment are less in underdeveloped countries, other developed countries can manufacture products that may harm the environment. A majority of big industries prefer cheap labour people in a skilled and non-skilled category will go for the job in developed countries.

Even though there is some negative impact due to globalization, the positive effects are dominating. It is also possible to reduce the various risks involved. Westford University college is one of the best business educational institute located in UAE. April 6, Ethnic Tourism Destinations Development April 6, Categories Globalisation Management Articles. Tags advantages and disadvantages of globalization globalisation impacts of globalization Marketing Management.

There is also a possibility of less war between developed countries due to globalization. The Negative Impact of Globalization is as follows 1.

Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization

Related posts. Importance of Financial Management Education Read more. Comments are closed. LMS Login. Call Now.Globalization refers to the overall development as well as modernization of a community as a whole.

The reason why globalization is important is because it helps a community in gaining international recognition, influence as well as operation.

What are the impacts of globalisation?

This, however, can be projected in both positive as well as negative ways. The debate on whether globalization is good or bad for any particular community has been going on since ages and while some people stress on the benefits of globalization; others pay more attention towards the compromises and risks of achieving globalization.

Without wasting much time, let us take a look at some of the positives as well as negatives of globalization.

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It is very important to strike balance between the positives and negatives of globalization so that balance can be restored in nature and its living species. I think positives out number the negatives. We need globalization today, this way people in third world countries can learn the art of living from us. What do you think? Developed countries may face no problems in accepting globalisation because its developed for them……….

Instead it may happen that this globalisation may also create larger problems for them. Its not necessary that what may be good for one is also better for others……. How would you feel if you had a limited supply of food, water, shelter and education? Would you like that? Yes, globalisation has brought our governments altogether but it is not helping the poor people in developing countries. The expensive Nike shoes you wear or the Addidas Windrunner. They are all made by the poor. Children have no education and are forced to work and the atmosphere they live in is horrific.

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Will travel faster and not a choice of what we eat. More crimes againts human rights from our governments in globalized epidemic of cancer, aid,Autism, EBola. Breach human rights in Africa, more that our governments are ready left behain. Not hope for peace, human rights. Third world war with quimical bond, Cyber attack. Not Thank you. If our governments at the present time are conspiracy with over population, pharmaceutical out if control, Monsanto poisoning everything eat.

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Sure says:. May 22, at pm. November 19, at am. Josephine says:. March 25, at am. May 2, at am. Mar says:. December 27, at pm. March 17, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Globalization aims to benefit individual economies around the world by making markets more efficient, increasing competition, limiting military conflicts, and spreading wealth more equally.

The Milken Institute's "Globalization of the World Economy" report of highlighted many of the benefits associated with globalization while outlining some of the associated risks that governments and investors should consider, and the principles of this report remain relevant.

The economic crisis led many politicians to question the merits of globalization. The U. The election of Donald Trump in the U. These trends have been driven by anti-immigration sentiments in Europe, although the election results veer more pro- than anti-globalization. Economists suggest that nowadays, cross-border investments are not being made so much to build capital infrastructure as they are to seek countries with the lowest taxes.

Some form of globalization may be inevitable over the long-run, but the historic bumps spurred by economic crises and other consequences suggest that change is the only reliable constant.

According to U. Customs and Border Protection, escalated U. Milken Institute. Accessed March 6, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Homeland Security Digital Library. National Sovereignty. World Bank. Milken Institute Review. McKinsey Global Institute. Select USA. American Enterprise Institution. International Investing Getting Started. By Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Justin Kuepper is a financial journalist and private investor with over 15 years of experience in the domestic and international markets.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. Reviewed by. Full Bio. She specializes in divorce, death, career changes, and caring for aging relatives. Article Reviewed on April 04, Some of the benefits of globalization include:.

Some of the risks of globalization include:. Interdependence : Interdependence between nations can cause regional or global instabilities if local economic fluctuations end up impacting a large number of countries relying on them.

Ultimately, this could cause some leaders to become nationalistic or xenophobic. Article Sources. Continue Reading.

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