Amazon new grad leetcode

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OA1: Given 7 debugging questions all of them required a simple 1-or-2 line fix. Was given a survey at the end of OA2 but not important and should not be studied. I chose to do these Questions in Python 3. OA3: Work place simulation, you'll be given several scenarios that can occur in the work place. You are then given decisions to make and asked to rank them based on effectiveness.

Example Scenario: Project A takes X days and is the longest project, project B takes Y days and is the easiest, and project C's completion time is unknown as you may not know the technology yet. Which project would you choose based on that? After the simulation you were given some logic problems that were pretty straight forward, just simple puzzles you might have done as a child. A lot of it was encrypting and decrypting words. I believe there were about of them?

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I honestly thought OA3 was really natural for me. Final Round Interview: Was only assigned a single round interview as opposed to 3. I believe it is due to my scores for OA2 and OA3. The whole interview ended up being 25 minutes over Amazon Chime. The interviewer introduced himself and had my resume in front of him to get a better sense of who I was. Didn't really ask me anything before he pasted my OA2 code in the live code pad.

He was a nice guy who asked me to explain my code in OA2. He also went more in depth and asked if I had prior solutions before my submitted solutions. He asked me for run time and space complexity for both which I was able to do. I got nervous at first explaining my first problem and did freeze a little when explaining my first problem. I did gathered myself for the second problem and was able to answer all his questions he had for me. Then I asked him few questions and it was over.

Given OA1 on Sept. Completed OA1 Sept. Hey, congrats on the offer! Can you please explain what kind of in-depth questions were asked?

amazon new grad leetcode

And what was your answer for "had prior solutions before my submitted solutions"? I have my Interview coming up:. Could you please let me know what questions were asked regarding the "Subtree of another tree" question?

I just did it using a tree traversal recursive solution. Are there any follow ups regarding it? What was your working experience coming into the interview? Maybe that played a factor for the final round. Will we be able to watch the interviewer and vice versa? Hello, Congrats. Is this intern or a full-time job offer?This article is also available on my blog.

Lesson 8 problem solving practice slope answers

I started leetcode as a daily routine early Nov while I was taking part time online master couse Machine Learning at Geogia Tech and having full time job.

It was quite hard to find enough time to tackle a single question from scratch. So, my strategy was to read questions and most upvoted answers in the discussion to get the sense of questions tag by tag.

Amazon - SDE new Grad - Defer final Interview?

I found that it is extremely helpful for me to read solutions before attempting to solve the problems all by myself. It saved me time and allow me to read many questions in the same tag. So I could recognized variants of specific type of questions easily in the future.

It also avoid the unnecessary frustration in early phase. Many people may feel frustrated as they cannot even solve easy problems at the very beginning. Actually this is very common.

amazon new grad leetcode

Reading solution early on can actually help avoid that. I know some people may disagree with this point. Besides leetcode, I have compiled this list of resources that helped me.

In my opinion, this is more effective for most of the people who are not guru in algorithms. Note: if you are very new to the interview process of the big tech companies, cracking the coding interview is your friend.

It demonstrates the hiring process in great details and cover some strategy for preparation. I personally started from this book a few years ago. This helped me set the expectation of the interview so that I did not get any big surprise during the process. I then started try to solve problem without reading the solutions. My submissions were a lot less between Jan and April.

This slowdown is very critical for me to transition the memorization to practical problem solving skills in interview. By writing the code, it did reinforcement my understanding of the algorithms I learned. During January to April, I attempted weekly contest as much as possible.

I was never able to solve all four questions during the contest. Most of the time, I get 2 questions solved, sometimes 3.


The advantage is that the contest provides the interview environment as it has time constraints. Luckily, I have a buddy who was preparing for interviews and we leetcoded together. We often discussed lc and shared resources like interview prep materials. An example is that when I had difficulty understanding DP questions even like coin changemy friend can share me summary of DP questions that he found online. The summary talks about difference between bottom up vs top down solutions.

Most of the time, I did Leetcode questions and contests on screen. To simulate a more real interview, I prioridically solve problems in whiteboard.

It is the time for me to test my hard work. It came to the end of my intense semester. In the mean time, I slowly heard from recruiters calls from some companies.Hello, I thought It'd be nice to add all the timeline to see how long others took for the interview process. Please let me know of other sources so I can update the list! When do you graduate?

Haven't received the scheduling email yet. After that still waiting for interview scheduling. Anyone with the same case? Hey Everyone, My status on the dashboard changed to moved to another job. Does that mean I cleared the interview? I have received the OA all passed email on Oct 21, but still waiting.

Is there anyone in a similar situation? Did anyone here completed all the OAs and after that received a rejection?

I want to know if they told you that the rejection is because of the OA results or just a rejection without mentioning any reasons? For people that received the email to schedule their final interview: are you forced to select a date within the range they present you?

What if you have final exams? I got my final round conf. I was wondering if they're open to pushing the interview date till after January because of exams. Last Edit: December 19, PM Comments: Login to Comment. Read More. Show 4 replies. Show 15 replies.

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Close Navigation. Telecom Auto Health Aviation. My Company My Industry. Polls Keywords Customize Interests. Salary Comparison Find Your Colleagues. Home Careers Tech. Nov 20, 9 Comments. It's not risky. Take ur time.

amazon new grad leetcode

Talk with the recruiter. Ask them what schedule they would prefer. Nov 20, 7 0. Cisco Hjkb They are trying to do their hiring before the holidays. Companies like to figure out their college hires in the fall and there will likely be way fewer slots after the holidays. Amazon will still have jobs May just probably not a lot for new college grads. Nov 20, 4 0. This year vacancies will be over and you will be left with uncertainty.

Give it right away. Nov 20, 0 4.

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Flagged by the community. Amazon's always hiring, though offers hardly ever go out in q4 for financial reporting reasons. Interviews are hardly ever affected.

Be realistic with the recruiter, we respect it. As long as things fall within the timeline of the position or the interview is not asking for an extreme, you will be fine. What I mean by the timeline of the position, is if they only have one or two positions to fill and have other interviews already set up. Then they will not want to put it off so that they can give respectable timelines to other candidates involved as well.

Though I would not wait till after the holidays, a lot of your previous feedback will be mute by that point and budgets are different. I have had candidates in pipeline prior that the position closed due to reorg on a new year budget. Ideally you have an offer by xmas no later. Nov 20, 1 0.I've been seeing a lot of people saying they've gotten waitlisted for the new grad SDE position in Amazon. Thought it would be good if we could all discuss our experiences on this thread.

So feel free to share your experiences applying for the amazon new grade SDE position. Does anyone know how long it would talke to here back after being put on the waitlist? Does this mean whoever gets put on the waitlist will get an offer eventually? Update: I spoke with a recruiter who works at amazon and essentially they have more qualified candidates than roles so what they are doing is going around and asking teams if they require assistance or have spots open.

Then they are creating requisites for these roles if found. Basically week process. My stats are very similar to most of you applied Sept. Just got my offer! BS in Computer Science, graduated Dec. I just received an email saying, "You are still on waitlist.

We will let you know if your status changes. Guys, some of us gave our final round of interviews in December and we were waitlisted on Jan 8. This is for the USA. Not sure about Canada. I don't think it takes 1 to 2 weeks to get the offer after the waitlisted mail as we have been waiting for the update from more than a month.

Anyways, this is not to discourage you all but the fact about the waitlist. Anyways let's hope to get the offer. I think we are the first ones to be put on waitlist for Canada. Hopefully, that means we got the best chance to be removed from the waitlist.

I interviewed for new-grad Vancouver on Jan 24th. Got waitlist email Feb 3rd. No point in looking for patterns and speculations. Apply to other jobs. It seems as though everyone interviewing for Canada new grad at this point is being added to a waitlist. I am seeing comments all over reddit of people reporting this.

My take is as follows, if you got this, you will not receive an offer. There are simply too many people being added to the list. I know some people on here claimed they have been moved to a new role, but that's still far and few between.

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It is February, basically the only chance at this point is people who Renege or reject. If you don't hear within two weeks, take it as a rejection. Really wish they had mentioned we are interviewing for waitlist ahead of time as this is more frustrating than rejection. Anonymous User. Last Edit: February 4, AM 7. Hey guys hope you're all doing well, I've been seeing a lot of people saying they've gotten waitlisted for the new grad SDE position in Amazon.

Comments: Login to Comment.Amazon new graduate roles are typically based in technical, engineering, research, and business areas. These can range from designing and building innovative technologies in a large distributed computing environment, to designing innovative consumer products for Amazon customers. These roles work to develop novel and highly scalable applications using cutting edge quantitative techniques in machine learning, computer vision, operations research, and distributed computing.

This is not a complete list. To review the specific opportunities available, please see the open roles below and review the job description and requirements. Learn more about the Sr.

Program Manager role, opportunities for MBA students. Learn more about Sr. Product Manager and Sr. Learn more about the Talent Acquisition Development program, opportunities for students and new graduates. Learn more about Software Development Engineer opportunities for students and new graduates.

Your job application. Jobs for grads 89 open jobs. About Amazon new graduate roles are typically based in technical, engineering, research, and business areas. Have more questions? Jobs for grads. Find jobs in Jobs for grads.

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How I leetcode for 6 months and land a job in FAANG

Signed an NDA so I won't be sharing the questions but I will give general concepts they were looking for! After sending in my application I got an email for a 3 parts OA. Must complete part 1 to get part 2 etc. I would suggest you sorting Amazon frequency list on Leetcode to practice! I passed all test cases. You will be presented with various scenarios and select options for how you would respond.

Finally, a survey at the end. Basically an onsite, but virtual. Each round was 45 minutes long with about 20 minutes dedicated to Leadership Principles LP questions and one coding question. All three of my interviewers were managers from all over the US. They were all super nice and fun people to talk to! Note: This one went very well! I finished a bit early so the interviewer and I had time to talk about edge cases and follow up questions. I wasn't expected to run the code on my system.

The interviewer just copied the code for notes. Note: This one was okay for me since I didn't give the most optimal solution. The interviewer made me share screen and run the code on my machine. After the Virtual interview, I waited for about 6 business days to hear back. While constantly checking the student portal for my status, I noticed that I was "moved to a different job" and reapplied for an unlisted job.

This was either good news or bad news so I was anxious the whole time! So if you got reapplied to a different job then you're in good hands!

Definitely work on this if you have time. I did leetcode for about 4 months with about completed questions! So my question is: Was your final job location the new posted job location or was that not relevant at all?

Jobs for grads

Anonymous User. Last Edit: September 29, AM 5. Process: After sending in my application I got an email for a 3 parts OA. Virtual Interview 1: LP Coding Question: Given a string with letters and numbers and a list of commands, process the letters and numbers into a command to move a person in a 2D plane.

There are commands such as moving the person, delete previous commands etc. The numbers indicate how many spaces to move that person or how many commands to delete. I've only done the medium version of this question so I was able to solve the problem, but not optimally. Interviewer asked if I could improve the run time, I said yes and gave a better solution, not the optimal solution.

To practice, work on problems like Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe, parking space etc. Note: This one was iffy because I wasn't able to solve the problem fully; however, the interviewer told me that my solution was very interesting and it was the first time that he has seen this approach. He seemed very engaged the whole time. I guess I got brownie points here. Comments: Login to Comment.

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